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This week I have a captive audience. The American Society of interior Designers (ASID) holds its Western Conference at Deer Valley on Friday. I have the privilege of speaking to them an hour before dinner. To keep their minds off what’s on the menu, I am attempting make the work of architectural photography sound intriguing.
For many of us in Utah, fall is the best time to head out with the tent or trailer to enjoy the unpopulated natural world. For others, it’s the last few weeks they can enjoy a mountain cabin.
Labor Day weekend marks the last great weekend for a pool party.
words and images by: Scot Zimmerman Old Town Park City looked very different when Barbara Kuhr and John Plunkett arrived in town in the early 1990s. Despite warnings from locals passing by on the street who tried to discourage them from investing in the old homes, they acted on the...
This week I am thinking about getting out of the car and walking. A photo shoot of two units in Nirvana, Lane Myers’s (Lane Myers Construction) development of soon to be eight carefully constructed custom homes in lower Old Town Park City, triggered these thoughts.
To me, cars seem a great way of accessorizing a home. Today I feature homes where I coaxed the owners to let me include their rides in the shots.
words and photos by: Scot Zimmerman It’s the 150th year since Frank Lloyd Wright’s birth, and there are big celebrations across the country. America’s most famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright innovated designs and the use of new materials and developed an architectural philosophy around Organic Architecture. I am consistently moved by...
Monday is Pioneer Day, the day Utahns jubilantly celebrate the arrival of the first settlers, those brave souls who trekked over a thousand miles to make a home in the wild Western lands.
I associate the term fieldhouse with Utah. While there are probably fieldhouses elsewhere, it’s common here to see them titled as such at college campuses and elsewhere.
A new mixed-use development is underway for offices and residences that will change the tone of the kicked-back area near West High in Salt Lake City. It is good news for people who want to live near where they work, and that is a growing number as fewer people are willing to engage in long congested commutes.