Non-alcoholic wine is leading the trend in cocktail-hour alternatives

THERE ARE MANY reasons you might offer your guests non-alcoholic (NA) beverage choices at your springtime get-togethers, but that doesn’t mean they can’t indulge in a glass of something special to match the occasion. Put down the Martinelli’s and Shirley Temples and, instead, consider alcohol-free wine as an elevated alternative for non-imbibers.

Created by people who know and love wine, non-alcoholic vino embraces full-bodied flavor without the buzz. “It’s a compelling product that checks a lot of boxes for Utahns,” says Tracey Thompson, President and CEO of wine brokerage/ non-alcoholic distributor VineLore.

After scouring the market for non-and- low-alcoholic wine options since 2012, Thompson noticed a boom in the industry after 2020. Perhaps it’s the result of a post-pandemic reality where many imbibers are reeling in any overindulgent habits formed during isolation. Other studies have found it’s the new generation of sober-curious individuals that drive the trend (a 2020 study by Berenberg Research found Gen-Z drinks 20% less than millennials). Whatever the driver, leading wine producers are taking their cue from the growing demand for NA options and now offer dealcoholized pinot noirs and sauvignon blancs. And for those who prefer zero residual alcohol, companies like Zilch have created bubbly grape beverages that never undergo fermentation. “There’s a lot of innovation in this market,” Thompson remarks.

So go ahead, serve those NA bubbles during cocktail hour and follow with chardonnay during dinner. Guests will appreciate the options and will be comfortable sipping and savoring throughout the evening.

Thompson’s Top Picks

Surely Sparkling Rosé

Waterbrook Clean Cabernet Sauvignon

Giesen 0% Pinot Gris

Zilch Brut Bubbles

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So I Bought the Bottle. Now What?

See the cool bartender above? That’s Alex and you should take his lead and choose stemless. Tumbler-like wine glasses add a relaxed-yet-refined vibe to spring’s already fresh and fuss-free style. 

Clockwise: Vineyard Stemless Wine Glass, $16, Crate & Barrel, Murray,; Chloe Stemless Wine Glass by Juliska, $68, New Orientation, SLC,; Château Tumbler by Baccarat, $300/pair, O.C. Tanner Jewelers, SLC,; Estelle Stemless Wine Glasses in Blush, $68/pair,

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