23 E. St. George Blvd, St. George, home to AO, St. George’s newest hub for all things décor. 

Designer Jenny Larsen and husband Eric Hovland love a good hunt. For years, the St. George couple has been snatching up unique vintage and consignment goods nationwide for their locally celebrated St. George stores, Urban Renewal and Having-Been-Ness. In the 16,000 square-foot, adjoining spaces, the duo masterfully curate and display their waller-friendly finds, ranging from repurposed and custom home furnishings to fun fashions. Customers depart with everything from lux sectionals to mid-century tables, swan jean jackets to vinyl records. And for those needing delivery service between Las Vegas and SLC, the cost is simple: baked goods. Yup, beds delivered for biscuits, credenzas for cakes. 

“You’re inspired, you can afford it and you can get it home,” says Hovland. “We make it real and we make it fun.”

Recently, the innovative couple branched out and opened AO. While the shop is next door to their other downtown stores, it is worlds-away in style, product and presentation.

“AO is more boutique, simpler and more perfected,” says Larsen, who stocks up the shop with all-new products for the home, including custom furnishings, baskets, accessories and a wall’s worth of piled pillows. For those who entertain, there are farm tables and shelves topped with cutting boards, cheese knives, metal bowls, ceramic plates and more. The vibe is laid-back yet sophisticated.

“These aren’t just things,” Larsen explains. “they create your living environment and reflect you and your style. That is why we named it AO. This is your autobiography of objects.”

Visit them on Instagram! @autobiograhpyofobjects.

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