One of the hardest parts of putting a home’s interior together is finding the balance between good design and your family’s personality. Too much personality can become overwhelming and campy, while no personality at all errs on the side of bland and uninteresting.
Regal Homes has the ratio down to a science in their 2018 Parade of Homes property, called the “Pablo.” Each room in the home was bursting with life, but with a high-quality design twist. Here are some of the elements that made their design the most successful, that you can steal for your home!

1. Wallpaper

Pairing a busy wallpaper with stark-white-everything-else certainly makes a statement in the main floor bathroom, with just the right mix of quirk and class.

2. Simple Art Pieces

Various rooms are accented with simple artwork to let visitors know, “Hey, this is what my room is all about.” And not only do they help express personal style, but the pieces also help spice up otherwise blank spaces.

3. Wall Decals

These two themed rooms are every kid’s dream, but classy enough not to make parents groan. Large-scale wall decals make each room eye-catching, and help little ballerinas and shredders grown up in style.

4. Color Scheming

If a fully-themed space isn’t exactly your jam, focusing on your favorite colors is a more simple way to make your room feel like home. In both the master suite and a kid’s room, wall coloring works with throw pillows and other accents to establish a clear mood in the area.
If you implement any of these ideas in your home, let us know by tagging us on social media @utahstyledesign! We love to see our readers’ work.
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