As fall arrives, look to nature for inspiration—mixing mossy greens and golden browns with luxurious fabrics and fabulous finds. 

Color is the easiest and least costly way to update the look and feel of your décor for the season. But here’s the catch: With the countless hues on the market, how do you choose? This season, turn to nature for inspiration. A combination of woodland greens and golden browns is currently making its mark on many of the most engaging interiors.

It’s no surprise that green­—with its many nurturing tones—­ continues to be among today’s best-loved decorating colors. Green’s many hues have a rare quality that few others claim: They can be lively yet calming, strong yet soothing, timeless yet current. And for many designers and tastemakers, this season’s botanical shades have particular appeal: From juniper to moss, willow to spruce, they provide a strong connection with nature’s luxuriance, dense forests, shadowed woodlands and mossy terrains. When paired with warm browns, greens can root a décor with the compelling and comforting power of nature.

Rich autumn tones come to life on luxuriously soft alpaca pillows customized by Sandra Jordan. Prima Alpaca Bespoke Pillows,

Inspiring a décor layered in autumn’s splendor, this mix of sumptuously textured velvets and timeless wallpapers teams earthy greens and golds, boldly scaled patterns and leafy motifs. Patterned wall coverings and assorted velvets are from Morris & Co.,

Proving that autumn tones can elevate a contemporary décor, this modern space showcases forest-toned, floor-to-ceiling draperies of plush, dimensional velvet. Golden-hued vases deliver a secondary punch of color. Lyrical cotton velvet is by Harlequin,

Set the Tone: Fall-Ready Fabrics

Ava by Casamance,
California Velvet by GP&J Baker,
Kaluya Print by Lee Jofa,
Montreal Velvet by Morris & Co.,
Oak by Morris & Co.,
Raku Print by Camengo,

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Brad Mee
Brad Mee is the Editor-in-Chief of Utah Style & Design Magazine.