Where to get Thanksgiving dinner in Utah
Turkey-time is just around the corner, which means buying, preparing, and serving the food, plus clean up. But this year, things are obviously a bit different. So instead of stressing out to prepare a meal, support local restaurants who need our help this Thanksgiving. Oh and did...
Gingerbread Cake, Hell's Backbone Grill & Farm
Gingerbread cookies—the hard kind you make those big houses out of—are mildly edible. But ginger snaps are great. Best of all, we think, is gingerbread cake, the ideal fall dessert. One of the best in Utah comes from the kitchen at Hell’s Backbone Grill. Here’s the (slightly...
For Michelle Cousins, founder and principal designer of Michelle Leo Events, throwing the perfect fall party isn't just a stylish good time—it's an art form. She took us behind-the-scenes on some of her magical seasonal celebrations, and here she shares her pointers on staging your own memorable...
Applesauce, Chili pepper apple jam
If applesauce makes you think of grandma, gingham and baby food, think again. Most groceries carry a variety of apples and each one makes a slightly differently flavored sauce. Bring a global imagination of seasonings to apples, and you’ve got a sophisticated side dish or a sauce...
Michelle Cousins, Megan Robinson, Aqua and gray tabletop, Copper chargers, Copper flatware, Spice-toned Flowers, Cheesecloth runner, Ruffled tulips
When Michelle Cousins plans a party for early fall, a stylish good time is guaranteed for all. This event-planning pro lets autumn inspiration be her guide, and every element she includes—from flowers to food, plates to palettes—is as special and comforting as the season itself.
Fall recipes, Breakfast quiche, Sweet potato crust
Summer barbecues, we will always love you, but there’s something special about food in the fall. Cozying up with comforting dishes, playing with classic flavors like cinnamon and ginger and sharing food with family and friends: for home cooks, it’s a season of endless possibilities, even before...
Edible flowers
Edible flowers were a big hit in the culinary ‘80s, and why not? Now they’re back (and why not?) They make the most gorgeous garnish ever, and the subtle fragrance and taste of edible flowers add easy elegance to salads, soups and even main dishes. Crystallized petals...
Philemon and Baucis, Greek hospitality
This summer, we've been celebrating the art of Greek food. We gave you all the supplies and ingredients you need to make mezze platters at home, and shared our favorite local spots to buy tasty appetizers. As a farewell to our Greek celebrations, we share the 3,000-year-old...
Grilled watermelon, Kale salad, Summer recipes
Labor Day is right around the corner, which means we’re running out of time to try our favorite summer recipes. We have variations on a classic appetizer, two sweet side dishes and a dessert starring fresh berries. Say farewell to the season the right way by sharing...
Tyrrhenian Sea, Aeolian Islands, Panarea, Italian isle
Italy’s Aeolian Islands, an archipelago of seven small islands located north of Sicily and south of the Amalfi Coast, deserve a spot on your list of dreamy, must-visit destinations. Hotel Raya’s Greek-style architecture climbs the steep hillside overlooking Panarea. Photo by Don Skypeck.

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As Utah’s premier to-the-trade design showroom, @curatetothetrade champions the design community.⁠

“We have an abundance of curated resources that designers can access to find inspiration including finish samples, fabric swatches, one-of-a-kind accessories and more. And it’s all here exclusively for designers.” — Owner Allison Parkinson⁠

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Let's fly away! ✈️⁠

Today on the blog, @scot.zimmerman turns his Holiday travel plans into a virtual exploration of the new Salt Lake International Airport. More photos are at the link in our bio!

Today on the blog, we talked with @meaganlarsen about her career origins, favorite projects and the process of getting breathtaking photos like this one. 🏡🖤⁠

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Wood-planked ceilings, a fireplace dressed up with classic wallpaper and a built-in window seat—every element of this great room brings the cozy, charming and creative.⁠

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@ezraleedesignbuild is an innovative firm that offers architecture, construction and interior design all under the same roof. As an all-in-one firm, this team designs spaces that are easy to live and work in. ⁠

“I like to think like a chef. A good chef never gives away his recipes—just because someone has the same ingredients as you do, doesn't mean they can produce the same result." —Landon Taylor, Head of Interior Design ⁠

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Photo by @meaganlarsen

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For @gatehouseno1 co-owners Stephanie and Doug Holdaway, the motto “Stay true to you” dictates every interior design project they approach. ⁠

Stephanie's guiding principle: “Great design happens when spaces are created to reflect and satisfy your specific needs and unique taste.”⁠

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Living walls, red rock murals and blown-glass ceilings: the new @adobe office in Lehi is not your average workspace. Take the full tour with @scot.zimmerman at the link in our bio! 🖤 ...

A fall throwback for your feed today. 🍁 ⁠⠀
This Holladay home featured in our Fall 2019 issue is a timeless, elegant beauty. 🖤⁠⠀
Photos: @disraelsen
Interior design: @catherinegoodsellinteriors ⁠⠀
Architect: @barnesvanze⁠⠀
Contractor: @thebiltmoreco⁠⠀
Landscape design: @kaisertrabuela⁠⠀
Garden design: @empressgardendesign ⁠⠀
Landscape installation: @eschenfelderlandscaping ⁠⠀

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We can all agree on one thing: 2020 has been a stressful year. That's why paint experts recommend a calming palette of soothing blues and earthy neutral shades. 🔵🔷⁠

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In 1861, William Morris founded the British heritage brand Morris & Co. to showcase his handcrafted fabrics. Today, flora and fauna continue to inspire designs that deliver uplifting pattern and color in decorative elements of all kinds. ⁠🌺🌼🌹

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Design by @sparanomooneyarchitecture⁠
Photo by @scot.zimmerman ⁠

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Designing livable, artistic spaces that create a comfortable context for people as their lives evolve is a passion for acclaimed designer @krockedesign. ⁠

"We give clients more than what they knew they wanted. Once they have it, they love us for it."—Kristin Rocke, Principal and Owner⁠

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