The Utah State Capitol is now in the pink. Every spring, 433 cherry trees that line the seven-mile Memorial Walkway around the Capitol building burst with blushing blossoms, shimmering under clear blue skies. A gift from the people of Japan following World War II, the Yoshino trees symbolize the ephemeral nature of life and beauty. The scene also offers inspiration for a palette refresh that embraces lively hues included among many colorists’ top picks for 2021. Spring is said to be the season of new beginnings. Why not start with a Capitol-grounds stroll, followed by a palette perk-up for your home? 

Cherry Blossoms and a Palette Perk-Up
Urbane Bronze. SW 7048, Sherwin-Williams. 2021 Color of the Year  
Let a color rooted in nature create a feeling of calm and bring all you cherish together.”
Cherry Blossoms and a Palette Perk-Up

Aegean Teal. 2136-40, Benjamin Moore. 2021 Color of the Year 
“Take a moment to reflect and reset. Intriguing, balanced, and deeply soothing, Aegean Teal creates natural harmony.”
Cherry Blossoms and a Palette Perk-Up

Pitch Blue. No. 220, Farrow & Ball
“The blues best suited to anchoring our homes in 2021 are cleaner tones. These uncomplicated shades feel familiar, and so they have a soothing effect in the home despite their cooler undertones.

FOGGY MORNING. 2106-70, Benjamin Moore
“Smoky, light, and delicate, Foggy Morning suggests an early morning walk through woods shrouded in a blanket of dew
Cherry Blossoms and a Palette Perk-Up

Cherry Taupe. 1005-10A, Valspar
“Warm, organic colors, such as Cherry Taupe, offer more vibrancy and warmth but still read as subtle and sophisticated.”

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Brad Mee
Brad Mee is the Editor-in-Chief of Utah Style & Design Magazine.