I’m someone who can measure time as before and after Adobe Photoshop. I started with film, but with digital cameras and Photoshop, everything changed. People ask me about it, and I can talk about gels on the light sources, density films on windows, color meters, gels on the lenses, film backs with different types of film, but really the biggest change is that now I shoot raw data specifically for inputs into Photoshop. I would guess that I spend more time connected to Photoshop than with anyone in my circle of family and friends with the exception of my trusty photo assistant/spouse. It’s such a powerful program, and although I commit to a tutorial every week and pore through the latest books, I haven’t yet explored and learned all that the program can do. I’m always finding something new. Plus, there are so many more Adobe programs for creative work. 

I had admired the first phase of the Adobe offices in Lehi’s Silicon Slopes and the drama of the road passing underneath the structure, so I was excited to be invited to photograph the second phase of the project. Come see the buildings close up and explore the interiors? Take photos? I believe my response was, “Would I!”

The opening photo is the new second phase addition and expansion from the front entry side with a dramatic cantilever finishing the building’s end.

Adobe, Silicon Slopes
Photo by Scot Zimmerman
Photo by Scot Zimmerman

The first phase (on the left) is shown here connecting to the new second phase. The second photo is taken on the opposite side and shows the first phase on the right joining at an apex, which I will show later as the main meeting space in the building. The size of the second phase (on the left of the photo) can best be appreciated in this photo. For both phases, Okland Construction was the contractor, and WRNS Architects (San Francisco) did the design. Gensler Interior Design completed the interiors on the second phase that I photographed. 

Adobe, Silicon Slopes, Reception desk, Reception area, Front desk
Photo by Scot Zimmerman

Moving inside the entry is the main reception desk with sitting areas around the reception area. A fireplace welcomes you as you move through the security gates. 

Adobe, Cafeteria, Living wall
Photo by Scot Zimmerman

In the same area is a small cafeteria with a living wall.

Adobe, Silicon Slopes, Blown-glass art instillation
Photo by Scot Zimmerman

Just opposite the small cafeteria is this seating area with an amazing blown-glass ceiling art installation. 

Adobe, Work area, Desk
Photo by Scot Zimmerman

Moving upstairs, each of the work areas are distinctive in their design and art. The desks are widely spaced.

Adobe, Silicon Slopes, Glass enclosure, Collaboration space, Sound control
Photo by Scot Zimmerman

To control sound and offer privacy, glass encloses work team collaboration spaces.

Adobe, Quiet space, Break room, Wooden desk
Photo by Scot Zimmerman

This workspace is warmed by the wood of the desks and the walls of rooms called quiet spaces: private individual getaways. The yellow wall at the far wall is the break room in the next picture.

Adobe, Silicon Slopes, Break room, Collaboration space
Photo by Scot Zimmerman

An informal space for breaks can also double for collaborating on a team project. 

Adobe, Cafe, Red rock mural
Photo by Scot Zimmerman

On the cantilevered building end is a café with the look of an upscale restaurant with glass walls for extraordinary views. The enormous red rock arch mural amazingly was painted on location. I neglected to get the name of the artist to share it with you and offer proper credit. 

Adobe, Silicon Slopes, Staircase
Photo by Scot Zimmerman
Adobe, Mezzanine, Cafe, Yurt, Private table
Photo by Scot Zimmerman

These stairs lead up to the mezzanine of the same cafe to a yurt enclosing a private table.

Adobe, Silicon Slopes, Fitness Center, Climbing wall
Photo by Scot Zimmerman

A large section of the top level is devoted to fitness. There are lockers, showers, a yoga room, massage chairs, cardio machines, free weights and weight machines and a climbing wall.

Adobe, Silicon Slopes, Meeting space, Dining space
Photo by Scot Zimmerman

At the spot where the two phases join is a large meeting or dining space that was redone in phase two. For the photo, I am standing on the stage. Looking up through the glass on the second level is the fitness area and the climbing wall in the preceding shot. 

I made the photos on the weekend and during the day with natural light and later moved outdoors as the sun lowered in the sky for more exteriors. 

Taking pictures of these modern spaces, I am struck by how strongly the building reinforces the company’s view of the importance of personnel. Stepping into such a building would make an employee feel appreciated and valued.

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