All right, I may be a little late for Oktoberfest now that it’s the first of November. Perhaps my confusion is that Okland Construction, builder for Lagoon’s Biergarten, and Oktoberfest both begin with the same two letters. Or, perhaps it’s because of the recent photo of the Budweiser Clydesdales parading downtown Salt Lake City and the announcement of the new beer rules. 

However, when the next Oktoberfest comes around, Lagoon’s Bavarian-themed Biergarten is a perfect place to celebrate it. Lagoon has created a tiny village with a charming fountain in the plaza. The distinctively designed and carefully scaled buildings tempt Lagoon visitors to step away from the rides and midway and to enjoy a meal and a stein of suds.

Evening makes the Biergarten a lively place to sit outside. The lighting allows continued appreciation of the architectural detailing like the stonework, mullioned windows, shutters, window boxes with flowers and the varied rooflines. 

Configured like a town square, there are two restaurants, a beer bar and a timber-framed pergola over an entertainment area with picnic tables. 

The main restaurant features some smaller round tables that seat four to six (to the right past the archway) and long plank tables and benches that encourage mixing and mingling in the style of old biergartens. The ceilings are open beams with wooden planks for a sense of age and permanence. 

The detailing in the cabinetry, pounded copper light fixtures, and signage also serve to carry forth the festive feel of Southern Germany. 

This nook in the larger dining room has an inviting quality with the warm woods in the ceiling, wainscoting, floors, and tables, as well as a fireplace at the end of the room. 

Across the square is a corner bar that serves flights for tasting. I can just see them toasting Barvarian style: looking each other straight in the eye, clinking the bottom of the bottles or glass, and a cheery, “Prost!”

See more of Scot’s work here! 

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