Spring Planting Must-Haves

Gardening season has arrived, so stock up on th goods and gadgets you’ll need to dig in. These are our 2020 favorites.

1. Utah Seed Postcards

$2.75 each, Natural History Museum of Utah, SLC

2. Bamboo Garden Gloves

$8, Western Garden Centers, SLC

3. Watering Can

$30, Cactus & Tropicals, SLC

4. Garden Journal

$20, Tabula Rasa, SLC

5. Bypass Pruners

$27 each, Ward & Child – The Garden Store, SLC

6. Hand Trowel

$9, Western Garden Centers, SLC

7. Hiza Tote

$39, Ward & Child– The Garden Store, SLC

8. Roosting Pocket

$9.50, Backyard Birds, SLC

9. Copper Garden Tags

$1.35 each, Cactus & Tropicals, SLC

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Brad Mee
Brad Mee is the Editor-in-Chief of Utah Style & Design Magazine.