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Bartile is a local, family-owned business that’s been perfecting the art of premium roof tiles for the past 76 years. Incombustible, Bartile roof tiles far surpass a class-A fire rating and have a 75-year warranty. Some styles even have a class-4 hail rating.

“We can create a shake or slate tile that looks like the real thing but will last more than 75 years without the fire hazard or maintenance issues,” says Nick Evans, general manager. “With our gable options, designers and homeowners can create a true shake or slate roof at a fraction of the price.”


In addition to manufacturing the tiles, they also provide expert installation services in northern Utah. “ Workmanship on a tile roof is key to its durability,” says Evans. “So we offer a warranty on tile as well as the installation. We go one step further to make sure we get it right the first time.”

“We create tile roofs based on each customer’s specific design aesthetics. This unparalleled level of customization means we’re always innovating.” – Nick Evans, General Manager

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Crisp gray and black roofs with clean lines that provide the perfect accent for modern and contemporary architecture. We have a rich, jet-black concrete tile that designers are clamoring for.


New tile designs and colors that create a wood shake shingle look with gable detail. These tiles look like cedar but will last three times as long and cost half as much.


We have more than 700 custom colors, designs and textures, so we can literally create anything. Designers from across the nation come to us when they want a dream roof. Channeling limitless imagination helps us stay fresh and current.


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