While most interior designers and home decorators understand this principle, it’s not always easy to incorporate the character traits of actual people into inanimate living spaces. Not surprisingly, some of the most successful examples of capturing and communicating personality through interior design can be found in the homes of the rich and famous.

Because of their connections, their talents, and their resources, celebrities have an easier time showcasing their personalities through their home décor. Several prominent figures, including Brad Pitt and Cindy Crawford have even produced furniture lines based on their own attributes and tastes. Recently, Ellen DeGeneres took this idea to a new level by applying her own skills and passion for interior design to the launch of a new line of furniture and home accessories.

The resulting collection, ED Ellen DeGeneres by Thomasville Furniture was specially curated to furnish Ellen’s personal homes. Like Ellen, the furniture perfectly blends style with comfort. It embodies the way she presents herself—hip but comfortable; cool but not overly confident. And, the collection features more than 100 pieces in two distinct styles, Relaxed Mid Century and Rustic Modern. “Many of us can see part of ourselves in Ellen,” explained Chris Ross, owner of Thomasville Utah. “It’s easy to relate with her authenticity. For that reason, her furniture is connecting to the personalities of many homeowners.”

Of course, we can’t all furnish our homes with custom designs that perfectly fit our personalities, but we can select the right pieces to match our personal styles. By shopping furniture retail stores that carry a variety of manufacturers, you’ll find furniture lines that accurately reflect your individualized personality. Most importantly, be sure that your design process includes an exploration of your personal traits and their alignment with available furniture lines. As you do so, you just might find there’s more style and celebrity in you than you realize.

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