The Garden Stroll builds upon one of the premier urban gardens in the west, at Temple Square, and provides a sense of playfulness, surprise and discovery for downtown visitors.
Flourishing palms fronds, vibrant flowers, lush foliage and boldly woven fibers drive today's love for all-things-tropical

Let's Do Lunch

Chef and author Marguerite Henderson invites us into her garden, offering tips for hosting an outdoor midday soirée.

Backyard Bravado

Design pro Jayson King transforms a lackluster landscape into a modern outdoor retreat for his Millcreek clients

Get a Head Start

Why wait for summer when many cold-tolerant veggies are ready for planting before spring’s last frost? Now is the time to dig in.
Event producer Doug Smith transforms his small patio into a multi-level retreat with open-air living spaces as stylish and inviting as any indoors.
Cool water features make a big splash in landscapes across Utah.
Petite Feast's Victoria Topham discusses the summer fare she stylishly creates at home an for her in-home clients alike.
Ward & Child's Rob McFarland and Jerry Stanger offer insider tips for creating spectacular living spaces outdoors.
Container gardens enjoy a stylish upswing thanks to high-flying, boldly blooming baskets.