Who hasn’t had the idea, at least once, to quit the big city rat race and start over the way it was intended to be – living simply, close to nature, with only your loved ones and the stars in the sky to keep you company. Many Utahns have already embraced these instincts. They live in beautiful mountain cabins, away from traffic jams, air pollution, and crowded city streets. But, what about those who like to have their ashcake and eat it, too? If you’re a little bit country, and a little bit rock and roll, there’s Rustic Modern.

Rustic Modern combines the conveniences of modern living with rustic roots. Think furniture with clean, modern lines, but with just enough character to prevent it from feeling overly cold or sterile. Rustic touches can include hair-on-hide, mixed metal accents, and reclaimed wood. It’s the best of both worlds, combining clean, fresh details with the unmistakable sense of rustic comfort.

As you might expect, Rustic Modern incorporates neutral colors, including blacks, browns, charcoal, taupe, and cream. These colors pair well with other natural elements, like exposed brick, wood, and stone. And, when it comes to furniture and home décor, simple, natural fabrics with neutral colors feel right at home with the clean, modern look of mid-century pieces.

Of course, with every element of comfort, Rustic Modern embraces contemporary convenience, as well. In the kitchen, stainless steel surfaces and up-to-date appliances go right alongside a natural stone backsplash, exposed wood beams, and even a wood-burning stove in the next room. The point being: don’t get carried away with comfort, and completely forget about modern sensibilities and style.

It’s no wonder Utah is the perfect place to incorporate a Rustic Modern design. As the original home of the awkward teenage tug-of-war between country and rock and roll, Utah has learned to embrace the fusion of old and new like no other place. And, with its combination of convenience and comfort, Rustic Modern is here to stay.


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