For Emily Gillrie, design is all about communicating a story. “I spend a lot of time with my clients trying to understand how they use their spaces in their daily lives,” says Gillrie, owner of Complete Design by Emily Gillrie. “By incorporating the client’s style and day-to-day living, we create functional and beautiful transformations for the client and their family.” Gillrie and her team work comprehensively with homeowners from start to finish. “We guide all clients through the entire process, starting with simple sketches to unpacking each box and placing all personal items in their homes,” Gillrie says. 

Complete Design’s clients are encouraged to thoroughly examine their daily functions in order to plan their updated spaces thoughtfully. “As a result, they will feel effortless and functional,” Gillrie explains. Having recently expanded her business to Utah after designing homes from New York to California, Gillrie is excited to bring a Southern traditional feel to the Mountain West.

“I am best known for my love of Southern traditional elements mixed with the ease of the West Coast.”—Emily Gillrie, Owner

Ask the Expert

Emily Gillrie, Owner; Photo by Lindsay Salazar

Hot Take

No design is truly timeless—all ideas and concepts have a shelf life. Most homes require a refresh every 7-12 years, so don’t be afraid to try a trend or something out of the box. As long as it is something you love, you will be happy with the outcome.  

Keeping It Fresh

High-end remodels make my pulse quicken. Every project brings new challenges and exciting results. Taking a space and turning it into something that’s a reflection of my client is my ultimate goal.

Pro Tip

Take your time on the planning part of the design process. Many people want to rush to get the bulldozer in, but thoughtful planning and sourcing of materials will ensure the best results.

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