The Black Goose Design is a full-service interior design firm with a large showroom located in Midvale. “At The Black Goose Design, we believe in designing spaces that are classic and current,” says Senior Designer Denise Johnson. When designing homes all over the western United States, The Black Goose Design prioritizes creating homes that reflect the personalities of the people who live in them. “You can ask 100 friends, and look at all the pictures on Instagram, but in the end you need to be true to what resonates with you. Find one image that inspires you, and jump from there. Trust yourself, and don’t look back,”  Johnson explains. The Black Goose Design has been in business for more than 35 years. That longevity with the business allows for repeat clients, trust and a wealth of knowledge. “I have seen every trend come and go, and come again,” says Johnson. “I am most excited that we are currently focusing on designing for the specific client, not making one look fit each client.” 

“Modern design can still feel like a place you can gather, entertain and cozy up on your sofa.” — Denise Johnson, Senior Designer

Ask the Expert

Denise Johnson

Keeping It Fresh

Invest in the staples of the space, create pop through pieces that can easily be updated. Never ask how much throw pillows cost— they are the jewelry of the room.

On the Horizon

Jewel-toned color palettes, mohair, leather and fur are great textures and tones to create depth in your home.

Design Secret

Taking the time to connect with the clients, knowing how they will live in their homes, so we can give them beautiful spaces that function with their day-to-day lives.

7652 Holden St., Midvale

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