Freezer, fork, fun! In just three easy steps, make granita, summer’s coolest dessert. Or snack. Or intermezzo. Or anything, really. 

Cool and crunchy, the easy-to-make granita is a semi-frozen summer treat. We’re going with watermelon, but when it comes to choosing a granita flavor, the sky is the limit. What ever flavor you favor, it’s all about the right recipe, and of course, the freezer and fork. 

Watermelon Granita

All you need: 
4 cups seedless watermelon chunks
½ cup sugar
Juice of one lemon

Easy as 1,2,3
1. Pulse all ingredients in a food processor until smooth.
2. Pour mixture into a shallow pan and let freeze. 
3. Rake a fork through the frozen mixture to break it up into snow-like consistency. Repeat this twice more, freezing and raking, then rake it one final time, spoon it into cups and garnish.

Tasty Ways to Change It Up

• Use yellow watermelon.
• Sprinkle some chile powder into the puree.
• Add some mint leaves to the puree.
• Garnish with a sprinkle of chile flakes.
• Squeeze a lime wedge over it just before serving
• Splash the finished ice with some tequila.

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