Written by: Ashley Szanter

Local artist J. Vehar-Evanoff embraces the primitive naturalism of Utah’s Colors. 

“I spent a lot of time in Flaming Gorge when I was a kid, and that’s what came out in Reflection I,” says artist and Salt Lake resident J. Vehar-Evanoff. His works, primarily oil on canvas, reflect an abstract, landscape-inspired approach to color and imagery. This canvas, he says, incorporates “sienna browns, umbers and blues, which complement each other quite well. They’re strange and wild.” Vehar-Evanoff emphasizes how paint can capture the land’s richness. “I am interested in the way it can reflect the land as far as erosion goes. You have all these natural elements pulling each other apart and putting each other back together. I wanted to recreate that physically.”

Outdoor Sensibilities


J. Veher-Evanoff’s Reflection I, oil on canvas, shown at Modern West Fine Art, SLC

Image courtesy: Modern West Fine Art 

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