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An outdoor living space is one of the top must-haves for any home. “When designing an outdoor space, the first thing to consider is how you want to use it,” says Michelle McDonald-Ross, buyer. “For entertaining, for relaxing in your personal sanctuary, or for playing together as a family?”

leisure living

The second thing to consider is your vibe. Do you like vibrant colors and energetic patterns or serene and sophisticated neutrals? Ultimately, the activities and ambience you desire for your outdoor space should dictate what furniture will work best for your personal lifestyle,” she says.

leisure living

Leisure Living offers the largest selection and in-stock availability of outdoor furniture in the Mountain West. All inventory is available for immediate, courtesy delivery. “We pride ourselves in sourcing the best quality products made with premium raw materials and skilled craftsmanship,” says McDonald-Ross. “We provide furniture that stands up to the elements and everyday living, at trustworthy prices.”

leisure living

“We use technology and warehousing processes that help us handle the ever-growing demand for outdoor furnishings.” – Michelle McDonald-Ross, Buyer

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Outdoor fabrics are continuing to evolve. Now we have an array of textures including chenille, velvet, tweed, terry cloth and faux leather. Intricate blends of multiple-thread colors create interesting, dynamic colors. Outdoor fabrics’ functionality, forgiveness and fashion-forward appearances lend ease and style to modern living.


Synthetic but natural-looking
rope details. This fresh take on
the wicker trend adds to the mixed-media style and eclecticism that is extremely popular in homes right now.


Accessories. In an outdoor space that means pillows, throws, planters and plants, rugs and dishware. Use an unusual color palette or color combination to update the space with a lively pop. Sometimes it’s adding a layer and sometimes it’s simplifying—its an ebb and flow.

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